REinvest Crowdfunding Platform

Easytech being a competent company benefitting from qualified experts in both energy and environmental protection sectors is proposing to establish a crowd-funding platform called REinvest through which Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects could be financed and implemented in Afghanistan.


REinvest is a company playing an outstanding role in promoting sustainable development by providing public service providers, businesses and industries with affordable, renewable energy solutions aligned with GoA vision for the energy sector which is intending to promote market-based private investments in energy sector.


REinvest is providing an environment for investing in renewable energy projects in a national-wide scale focusing on public service providers such as hospitals, clinics, maternal care centers, and universities as well as businesses and trade centers such as small scale businesses and companies which are facing to electricity shortage. Electrification projects in rural areas and districts which are yet to be connected to national grid will be benefited from REinvest to be financed and implemented.

Providing financing facility for renewable projects through crowdfunding will make an increasing number of renewable-based electrification projects implemented in a replicable and sustainable manner.


The output is a digital-based mechanism for attracting crowd investments into implementation Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in KW scales targeted for specific commercial end-users and KW/MW scale micro-grid projects in Afghanistan. Having such an output can provide the possibility of sustainable financing and implementation mechanism for renewable energy end energy efficiency projects in Afghanistan.